5 great reasons to sign up for a Startup Weekend

5 great reasons to sign up for a Startup Weekend
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Get ready to dive into the creative universe of startups.

Does seeing business incubators bursting with creativity make you think you’d also like to start your own business? But are you questioning whether entrepreneurship is really for you? A Startup Weekend is the place to find out. Here are five great reasons to participate in one.

1- Hone your entrepreneurial skills

The challenge put forth during a Startup Weekend: 54 hours to develop a viable business project. During the development of their projects, teams benefit from the support of mentors to craft a compelling business model, which participants have 5 minutes to present to the judges. A great way to practice presenting an effective pitch. Once the presentations are done, the winners of the entrepreneurship competition are then chosen. Whether the life of an entrepreneur, with all its highs and lows and enormous amount of pressure, is for you or not, there is a lot to learn during a Startup Weekend. If you are already in business, this type of event can also help you think outside the box, keep you up to date with market trends, and generate new ideas. A Startup Weekend can provide a priceless experience since it is often so easy to remain in our comfort zone.

2- Improve an idea

Do you have an idea, but it’s not completely defined and you’d like to improve it? Presenting it during a Startup Weekend could be the solution to ensure it is interesting and viable. If your team chooses your idea, you will have a few people to help you develop and improve it. Several heads are always better than one! You could even have access on site to certain technologies, specifically to help you create a prototype.  Mentors can also provide guidance to help you identify angles you would never have thought of as an aspiring entrepreneur. It can also save you a lot of time by quickly pinpointing potential pitfalls.

3- Leverage your skills

You may not have grand entrepreneurial projects, but are you a programming, marketing, engineering or design whiz? If you also like getting involved with stimulating projects that need to be built from the ground up, you will without a doubt be sought after by aspiring entrepreneurs who will know how to put your skills to good use. During the Startup Weekend, you may even realize that your expertise has real value on the market and that you’d like to start your own innovative business!

4- Share your project and attract potential investors

Mentors, investors, established business people: Startup Weekends tend to attract a variety of people for a variety of reasons. These meetings can carry a project far, move it off course, or help it flourish. Someone with potential has everything to win by attending this type of event since the chances of being noticed by other actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem are good. In fact, investors tend to take advantage of these initiatives to look for that perfect entrepreneurial project that speaks to them. Let’s face it: the decision to invest in a company is in large part a question of following an instinct, whether or not you win the competition.

5- Build a network

A Startup Weekend, of course, offers the possibility of meeting important people such as mentors and investors. But that’s not all. Imagine if this is where you could meet your business partner? THE person that complements you, that you feel like you’ve known forever, that together you will have the courage and confidence needed to take the plunge? It’s possible! To multiply your chances, it is important to properly research your Startup Weekend. Some are conventional, but others cater to target audiences, such as women or people from certain cultural communities, are associated with academic institutions, or can specialize in specific sectors.

Want to find out more?

To experience a Startup Weekend in about 20 minutes, watch this documentary filmed in San Francisco.

Now it’s up to you to find the Startup Weekend that’s best for you, so you can contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in your area. Perfect for stimulating your creativity but also for inspiring others!

Edited on 15 August 2017