“Location, location, location”: this famous real estate adage sums up exactly how Audrey Morissette felt about choosing the location for her business, Vestibule, a clothing and decorative accessory boutique. The search was a long one, but it was worth it.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning,” wrote Bill Gates in 1999. Three Quebec entrepreneurs tell us how the Microsoft founder’s quote resonates with their experience in the start-up world.


“In business, you can’t really fail, you either succeed or you learn.” At least that’s what “SmallBizLady” Melinda Emerson tells anyone who will listen. Three local entrepreneurs tell us about how this sentiment echoes their own experiences with failure and learning in the world of business.

Today’s entrepreneurs need to use digital ecosystems to develop their decision-making skills and agility. As a business owner, it’s crucial to analyze your own business’s reality.

Just as we no longer refer to digital communication as “new media,” many businesses have moved on from the notion of “going digital” in favour of firmly embedding these technologies within their operations and processes.

Client acquisition is essential to the growth of any company. That's why you need a proven method for leveraging the wealth of information available online, so you can turn a “cold call” into a well-prepared “warm call”.