A passion for humanitarian work and a desire to help others are what motivated Sonia Wu to pursue medicine. Having just started her second year, Sonia is finally getting comfortable juggling the responsibilities of medical school. Here, she shares some advice on how to stick with it and succeed.

When he was younger, Jonathan Landry-Leclerc wanted to become an inventor. In high school, he discovered his path: engineering. With his passion for the environment, a desire to make change and the hope of starting his own business, Jonathan is making the most of his studies in engineering. Here’s how he does it.

According to a recent survey by Weddingbells and Mariage Québec magazines, the average Canadian wedding costs over $30,000. Thankfully, there are a few ways to make it more affordable.

It’s easy to postpone writing a will. So that your loved ones don’t end up with problems and disappointments, here are some things to consider and advice to follow to ensure peace of mind.


Since all married couples are obliged to share the family patrimony in the event of divorce or death, when is it a good idea to have a marriage contract as well?

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For many workers, work-life balance policies are a deciding factor in the choice of a job or a company. And regardless of their business sector, employers have everything to gain by adopting measures that can make a difference in the lives of their employees. But how can you tell if a company is doing enough?

According to the latest studies, 30% of Quebecers give their kids an allowance. On the fence about giving your kids a small allowance? Read on to find out what parents and experts think.

Although Quebecers are living longer, the trend is to stop working earlier than ever before. Of course, this decision can have a significant impact on your income. What are the implications in terms of your retirement benefits under the Quebec Pension Plan (QPP)? Find out how the age at which you retire will affect the value of the pension you are entitled to.

You can request your Canada Pension Plan (CPP) as early as age 60. Is it better to take advantage of this retirement income sooner than later? Here are a few things to consider to determine the best time to apply for the CPP.