Year after year the approach of summer has us crunching numbers to determine the cost of maintaining a pool. Here are a few tips!

Find out how you can adopt outdooring trends while getting value for your money, taking care of your furniture and avoiding overconsumption.


I'll be getting this child a toy tool set. This I solemnly swore to myself while struggling to install a new light fixture in what will soon be the nursery for me and my wife's first child. Hopefully, impossibly, this baby girl or boy will be born with the DIY gene their dad is lacking.

I just wonder why housing inflation didn’t set off the same alarms that a 5-per-cent increase in the price of asparagus or butter would until it was far too late. Now, governments in British Columbia and Ontario, where the problem is particularly acute, are completely stuck as they try to grapple with this issue.

The Fear of Missing Out phenomenon in the housing market is leading to bad buying decisions. First-time buyers should be much more afraid of getting into a hot real estate market.

I'm buying my first home. Is there a standard amount that I should offer as a deposit? The short answer to your question is no, there is no standard amount for a deposit. This is something that can be negotiated between you and the seller.