Human history is a path paved with innovations. We should therefore not be surprised - let alone fear - that innovation is also transforming the financial sector. As with other industries, new technologies in finance provide efficiencies that can benefit everyone.


One of the 10 commandments of investing, is surely, “Thou shalt diversify.” This mantra is taught in finance departments in the country’s finest universities and has become an unquestioned principle in the world of financial planning, where it has been widely practised.

It's been 20 years since Rotman School of Management finance professor Eric Kirzner created a simple "set it and forget it" kind of portfolio for Toronto Star readers called the Easy Chair, proving a comfy spot for investors to park for many years.

Most investors think so-called robo-advisers are for younger folks who don't have much money to invest, let alone pay the fees and commissions charged by traditional financial planners.

Margin accounts can help you have a better stock market exposure and access to competitive borrowing rates. While it is not a panacea, a margin account is an option worth exploring.

Stock market investors can’t always keep a close watch on their investments. To limit losses from market fluctuations and protect gains, stop-loss orders can be a great way to maintain peace of mind. Here’s why.