Capital preservation is a top priority for investors who are concerned they might outlive their portfolios. Here are five strategies to preserve your loot.

Have you decided to take your investments in hand this year? Excellent resolution! Whether you’re working with an advisor or choosing to manage your portfolio yourself, here are seven tips to avoid some of the most common errors people make with exchange-traded funds.


Smart diversification is spreading your investing assets between bonds and stocks, economic sectors, geographical regions and size of company. Then there’s destructive diversification. A term that applies to the idea of spreading your personal investment accounts among multiple firms.

The vast majority of investors underestimate the importance of dividends, focusing almost entirely on capital gains from their shares when assessing their returns.

Depending on your comfort and expertise with stock markets, you may be better off paying an MER for more reliable results. When do you advise buying dividend exchange-traded funds versus creating and managing a portfolio of individual dividend stocks? There are many factors to take into consideration.