Black Friday and its digital counterpart, Cyber Monday, don't inspire frenzied purchasing for all consumers. For those not inspired by the promise of deeply discounted TVs and doorcrasher giveaways, there's another, less explored category of deal that may hold more appeal: travel.


Condo shopper Seema Akram, 27, works as an assurance manager for a public accounting firm downtown. She views her future apartment as a home and an investment - one for which she has sacrificed.

As temperatures dip and our fall gardens start to gracefully expire for the season, we're drawn indoors to cocoon for the winter. However, that doesn't mean that our green thumbs have to hibernate, too. Terrariums are a great way to introduce some plant life and design flair to a room.

Today's van lifers aren't the off-the-grid driveway squatters or Woodstock hippies of the '60s. These millennial-aged wanderers, also known as digital nomads, are extremely plugged in; mostly freelance writers and entrepreneurs, they're an Apple-era hybrid of HGTV renovation shows, Coachella festival style blogs, and Dragons' Den success stories.

Here’s a little manifesto from seasoned concert-goers. Kind of like the clip that plays before a movie to remind you to turn off your cellphone.