If you’re a highly paid workaholic and you’ve hit your limits for contributions to your RRSP, deferred profit-sharing plan and a taxfree savings account, there is another way to defer taxes that may also improve your health: a deferred salary leave plan (DSLP).


Traditional financial literacy efforts haven’t been a rousing success. Research from Harvard Business School shows that even Americans who are taught personal finance in school don’t seem to save more or manage credit better than anyone else.

Linda has spent many years living for today with little thought of the future. Linda's recent home purchase left her saddled with big mortgage payments and home repair expenses. As a result, she's seen increased debt on her line of credit and credit card.

Jim Main is set to put a lot of people through school. But it’s not his children who are the recipients. Mr. Main, a 94-year-old retired chartered accountant from Toronto, has set up 11 registered education savings funds (RESPs) for all of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.