Even though millennials became the largest generation in the Canadian workforce more than two years ago, it’s still common to discuss this generation as if they’re still the kids in the back seat of the car, instead of the colleagues and leaders who, in actuality, are helping drive Canada’s economy forward.

What is the secret to both the organization that leads the market and the person who has a successful career? What do they possess in common? What do they pay attention to that others don’t? Do they have a special academic pedigree? A broad skill set? All of these are contributing factors to success, but the highest common denominator is the ability for an organization or individual to be seen by people that matter.

According to one expert, human performance is a science: practise, practise, practise – and don’t forget to eat. The skill of communication in the era of social media, leading without a title and brand awareness have never been more important.


A professional résumé might not necessarily disclose a job candidate’s love for Harry Potter, but thanks to the rise of applicant-tracking software and artificial intelligence (AI), it no longer matters – their hankering for all things Hogwarts is out in the open.

If you’re stuck in the same place without any prospect of promotion, you should think about why that is and what to do about it. Many people find it difficult to recognize the signs that it’s time to start looking for new employment. Do they see them but hope that things will improve, making a move unnecessary?