Let’s get serious about your money

Let’s get serious about your money
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Managing your personal finances can be a big job. At the Bank, we’re well positioned to know! But like lots of un-sexy things in life – folding clean laundry, cleaning the oven, eating broccoli – it’s pretty essential to get a handle on it.

If you like getting the most out of your money, like most people, do yourself a favour and take advantage of Financial Literacy Month to read these tips. You’ll learn some important things, and may even “lol” a little. And we won’t use a single expression like “indexed rate” or “return on equity,” we promise!

Click the memes to discover a thrilling (yes, thrilling) new aspect of personal finance and learn to manage your money better!

budgeting meme

But that was before we introduced you to our easy and infallible budgeting method!

student budget meme

Don’t pout, we can help you get an A+ in student budgeting.

kids money meme

By instilling a little financial sense in your kids when they’re young, you can avoid having to pull them out of debt when they’re all grown up.

rights and responsabilities

Take two minutes of your time to test your knowledge and make sure that you never find yourself in this situation.


Edited on 24 January 2018

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