Marital bliss: Six money issues that can kill the mood

Marital bliss: Six money issues that can kill the mood
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In fact, a recent Money Magazine survey reveals that couples fight twice as often about finances as they do about sex.
For better or worse, here are some of key financial issues that can bring a solid relationship to its knees:

  • Debt: Unbalanced debt in a relationship can be fatal, whether it be due to student loans, car payments, maxed out credit cards or gambling habits.
  • Conflicting personalities: When discussing money, personality can play a big role as spenders and savers lock horns.
  • Power struggles: Unbalanced earning within a relationship can be a recipe for conflict if the biggest bread winner tries to dictate the couples’ spending priorities.
  • Separating assets: While splitting bill payments down the middle seems like a fair and equitable approach, it also limits the combined buying power of a couple.
  • Children: With an estimated child-rearing cost of $300,000, the strains of family life can be complicated by the financial implications and responsibilities.
  • The ‘Out’-laws: Needy in-laws can be the source of an ongoing battle in relationships, where one spouse’s family takes, while the other spouse’s family gives.

The key to a harmonious relationship, despite financial issues that are omnipresent, is to focus on the financial advantages of synchronized goals. Communicate, empathize and work together to get the best out of your combined ‘unique’ financial situation.

Edited on 17 August 2017

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