Renovating your kitchen can be an expensive undertaking. Some people do it to improve their quality of life, others to increase the value of their home. In preparation for this big project, here are ten tips that could save you time and money.

Having a considerable amount of debt raises your risk of being in payment default and, as a result, can tarnish your credit report. To help repay your debts, consolidation could be an interesting solution for you.

You’ve found your dream condo. Before signing, did you carefully read the Declaration of Co-ownership? This notarized document determines the rules governing the common portions and administration of your future dwelling.

Engineer, teacher, carpenter… Whatever career their children choose, parents want to give them the opportunity to realize their dreams. The RESP, or Registered Education Savings Plan, is a great way to ensure your child has the necessary funds when the time comes to pursue a post-secondary education. Plus, thanks to government assistance, the deposited amounts grow.


The ongoing U.S. stock market upturn has now been described as the longest bull market in the entire history of the S&P 500. This boundless optimism is the result of strong job creation, steadily rising profits and, on the whole, healthy economic conditions.

Canada stands out among other countries for its quality of life. It distinguishes itself with its internationally renowned universities, close proximity to nature, cultural diversity and even its safety and security. Discover six great reasons to move to Canada.

If you’re thinking about moving to Canada, it’s a good idea to consider the cost of living. Canada is renowned for its exceptional quality of life and the numerous opportunities available to those who live there, but there are many essential things you’ll need to familiarize yourself with before you move.

Thinking about becoming a homeowner, but wondering where to start to make it happen? This five-minute read sums up the steps to take to achieve your goal.

If travel shapes youth, what does studying abroad do? Ontario has a lot to offer international students: high quality education, top universities, diploma recognition, etc. Here’s a quick guide to make your studies a success.

Canada is an open, inclusive society with numerous employment opportunities for immigrants. Still, there are certain things you should consider before beginning your job search. This guide helps those who wish to immigrate or relocate to Canada gain access to a number of useful job search resources and tools.