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If you’re a highly paid workaholic and you’ve hit your limits for contributions to your RRSP, deferred profit-sharing plan and a taxfree savings account, there is another way to defer taxes that may also improve your health: a deferred salary leave plan (DSLP).


I just wonder why housing inflation didn’t set off the same alarms that a 5-per-cent increase in the price of asparagus or butter would until it was far too late. Now, governments in British Columbia and Ontario, where the problem is particularly acute, are completely stuck as they try to grapple with this issue.

The Fear of Missing Out phenomenon in the housing market is leading to bad buying decisions. First-time buyers should be much more afraid of getting into a hot real estate market.

One of the 10 commandments of investing, is surely, “Thou shalt diversify.” This mantra is taught in finance departments in the country’s finest universities and has become an unquestioned principle in the world of financial planning, where it has been widely practised.