Dreaming of a cottage vacation? Now’s the time to think about it. Fall is the ideal season to act on that idea and make a purchase, or just to rent!

The last thing you want to do when trading on the stock market is buy shares in a downtrend (DT lines). Stocks should not be purchased while they are rising, which is even more true when they are falling, since if they are trapped under the downtrend, you will be in for some very rough times.

Planning ahead is hard when you're broke. But planning ahead may be the best way to stop being broke and start building a solid financial future. People who have a strategy tend to save more money and be financially healthier than those who don't, studies have found.


A renovation can make good financial sense. If you plan to stay in your home rather than selling and moving, a renovation can help you create your dream home within your existing walls. Here are some more options that can help you pay for that much-yearned-for reno.

Debt can weigh heavily on your shoulders and have major consequences on your financial well-being. Here are five strategies to get out of debt and back on track.

A professional résumé might not necessarily disclose a job candidate’s love for Harry Potter, but thanks to the rise of applicant-tracking software and artificial intelligence (AI), it no longer matters – their hankering for all things Hogwarts is out in the open.

Income disparities aren't easy to deal with. What if the higher-earning partner wants to switch to an altruistic, lower-paying job but fears being trapped in the breadwinning role? What if the lower-earning partner feels like a burden? Here's how to address thorny issues like these so you can build an equitable partnership.

Puny income growth is a fixture in the Canadian economy, new census data show. Our economic reality is that prosperity comes not from a growing paycheque, but rather from the stuff you do with the pay you get. Three strategies to follow: Invest in your career; Invest in your wealth; Make one significant cut in your household spending.

When a fixer-upper on a tiny lot sells for more than a million dollars, it's easy to dismiss the idea that you need to spend money to make money on your home. But investments, big or small, can produce big returns, even when it's already a seller's market.