How can you get the most out of your investments? How can you tell the difference between a good investment and a bad one? Here is some advice.

Canadian home prices have skyrocketed over the past 12 years. During this period, you may have seen a better rate of return on your home than on a balanced portfolio composed of stocks and bonds. Does that mean that your home is your best investment? You can't count on it—let's take a look at the reasons why.


The advantage of financing a car is that eventually you'll pay it off and enjoy debt-free car ownership. That's why buyers are willing to pay more per month to own than to lease. But many car owners have veered off course.

You shouldn't assume furniture or appliances are included when you purchase a new home. You may find a home more appealing because of these items, but the sellers may want to take them when they move out, or they might return them if they were borrowed or rented to stage the home.

When you're working to reach a financial goal, friends can be equally helpful. Peers can influence how much you save for retirement, determine when you choose to retire and even shame people into paying their taxes, studies show.

Most financial-literacy experts agree that there’s no magic age to teach financial literacy. Instead, parents and educators should expose their kids to money as soon as they can. “We’re big advocates of starting young,” Mr. Rabbior says. “Set those good habits early.”

From fancy finishes to high-end cabinetry, there's a world of possibilities when it comes to home renovations. There are a few important things to sort out before you even think about taking down a wall, and to keep your budget in check.