When it comes to saving, it's like The Matrix, there is the blue pill and the red pill. Generally we prefer the blue one and Mom will call that "immature spending habits".

You CAN negotiate your salary, even if it's your first job. Here are our tips for getting your boss to fork over a few extra bucks.

Spring. It means warmer weather is right around the corner… And so are tax refunds. Are you among the lucky few taxpayers who will receive a government cheque? What will you do with it? Here are a few ideas to consider.


One day, baby's going to be all grown up. What he’ll do, like or where he’ll live, no one knows. Whatever the case, having a bit of money put aside will be useful for him... and for you

Yes, babies are demanding. But most of the time their needs aren't complicated, and it won’t make much difference whether you take care of them in Quebec or Guatemala.

During the final weeks of a year-long parental leave, you’ll receive 55% of your normal salary. Have you thought about that? You should.

Babies are magical. Music is magical. Listening to music with babies is the perfect combo.

The to-do list is long when you are expecting a baby, so start chipping away at it as soon as possible. Here are the essential things you definitely don't want to forget.

It may not be the best of ideas to lie to the tax man. If you get caught, don't expect a gentle rap on the knuckles. It'll be more like a straight-up punch in the teeth.