“Policyholder dividends” are payable. The premium is based on an estimate of future earnings at a somewhat lower level and

This person has no subordination relationship with the employer. Source : Commission des normes du travail du Québec

It is a disciplinary measure. A suspension is always temporary and does not cancel the contract of employment. Reference :


If the employer is unable to modify the employee’s work station or offer her another task, the employee has the

An employer is required to give the employee notice before laying him off for six months or more. Reference :

The action consists of claiming, on its behalf or on the behalf of an employee, a sum of money from

Note – The Act stipulates the rate of indemnity associated with the annual leave, which must be calculated based on

Note – The employer must pay the employee an indemnity or grant him a compensatory holiday in addition to his

Note – The layoff indemnity must be equal to the wages that the employee would normally have earned during the