According to Michel Savard, Insurance Business Development Manager at National Bank, homebuyers looking to cover their mortgage have a vested interest in checking out the safety net offered by a mortgage critical illness insurance...

Because there’s a lot riding on your home, it’s never too late (or too early) to discover the many benefits of mortgage loan insurance, a protection that can save you many worries in the event of disability, serious illness or death.


Whether it’s for security, convenience or just out of habit, a credit card is a traveller’s best friend. On top of making it easier to make purchases abroad and helping you get ready for your trip, most credit cards offer a gamut of advantages that make them a preferred way to pay.

Human history is a path paved with innovations. We should therefore not be surprised - let alone fear - that innovation is also transforming the financial sector. As with other industries, new technologies in finance provide efficiencies that can benefit everyone.

Climbing volcanoes, picnicking on centuries-old glaciers, trekking the North Pole… Over the last few years we’ve seen a new trend emerge in travel: adventure travel.