The record will contain data on all claims, including accidents, broken windows, thefts, etc. Reference : Insurance Bureau of Canada

This means that the increase applies to all policyholders in a particular group, rather than to one individual policyholder. Reference

The policy remains in force throughout this period. Reference : Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association

Income payments may begin right away or be postponed to some future date. Reference : Canadian Life and Health Insurance


It does not include additional amounts payable under accidental death or other special provisions, or acquired through the application of

Life insurance provides benefits upon death, whether by accident or otherwise, of the life insured. Reference : Canadian Life and Health

“Policyholder dividends” are payable. The premium is based on an estimate of future earnings at a somewhat lower level and

This person has no subordination relationship with the employer. Source : Commission des normes du travail du Québec

It is a disciplinary measure. A suspension is always temporary and does not cancel the contract of employment. Reference :