What is the right time to make babies? It's up to everyone to choose for themselves. Catherine tells us how she experienced her pregnancy when she was 21 years old.

Unless you have a passion for numbers and acronyms, you may be asking yourself questions about your pay stub. Demystification.

Most investors think so-called robo-advisers are for younger folks who don't have much money to invest, let alone pay the fees and commissions charged by traditional financial planners.


Margin accounts can help you have a better stock market exposure and access to competitive borrowing rates. While it is not a panacea, a margin account is an option worth exploring.

Stock market investors can’t always keep a close watch on their investments. To limit losses from market fluctuations and protect gains, stop-loss orders can be a great way to maintain peace of mind. Here’s why.

Linda has spent many years living for today with little thought of the future. Linda's recent home purchase left her saddled with big mortgage payments and home repair expenses. As a result, she's seen increased debt on her line of credit and credit card.

One and a half tons of diapers, seven pairs of pajamas - one for each color of the rainbow, soft towels, several sleeping bags, nursing bottles, cradles, wipes...