Canadians stand to inherit $1-trillion over the next 20 years. Transferring wealth successfully from one generation to the next requires careful advice and planning. What to do with a trillion dollars? That’s the challenge faced by Canadian baby boomers and their children, as family wealth transfers between generations.

Looking to grow your assets? A ‘core-satellite’ strategy can help you score and still protect the net. If you want to build and grow a core portfolio, think of good piece of music or a great hockey team, says Alexandre Viau.


There’s an old saying that a good salesperson could sell ice to the Inuit. But these days, this couldn’t be farther from the truth...

The shaky economic situation in Europe and Japan has created significant pressure on central banks, causing them to loosen their monetary policy to support the economy. As a result, this has gradually given rise to negative interest rates on various fixed-income financial instruments. In other words, certain investors are now confronted with the situation of having to pay to invest their money.

Once the winter months have passed and the arrival of spring turns the weather milder, your property might start to show hints that you have damage caused by water infiltration.