The RRSP and the TFSA both are effective financial tools and strategies to set aside money but they serve different purposes and have different tax treatments which can determine which one is right for you.

Though some may regard exchange-traded funds (ETFs) as set-and-forget investments, experts recommend revisiting investors’ asset mix on a regular basis. Find out why you should regularly rebalance your ETF holdings.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau now says his government has no plans to tax Canadians on employer-provided health benefits, a declaration that came after rising backroom opposition to the move.

Canadian asset managers are embracing the responsible investment trend, reporting that $1.5 trillion in assets in Canada are now invested using various environmental or social criteria, an increase of 49 per cent over two years.

Special tax treatment of dividend income costs a lot in terms of foregone government revenue, mainly benefits the very affluent, and thus merits serious reconsideration as part of the federal government’s current review of tax expenditures.