Do you love do-it-yourself projects and you’re the type to save money by doing renovations for your house or cottage by yourself? You may be missing out on generous tax credits and subventions, which are only available to Québec’s homeowners who entrust their work to a certified contractor.

Travelling is one of life’s the most enriching projects. And it’s that much better when you get to do it at a fraction of the cost. Here are some tips to get the best deals on flights. ​


A hedge fund is an investment fund that uses complex strategies at high risk. Investors in a hedge fund accept these risks in the hope of making significant capital gains.

The sharp spike in Canadian home prices over the past 10 years has certainly been impressive. The Teranet index that tracks residential real estate transaction prices has advanced by more than 100% in most of the country’s cities over the decade.

A family budget is a method used to track all sources of income and expenses, with the intent of balancing both sides of the equation. Things accounted for in a typical family budget include fixed expenses, monthly payments, insurance, entertainment and savings and much more.

An entrepreneur is a person who seeks out an opportunity and turns it into a business for profit.

A credit union is a cooperative financial institution that offers much of the same services as banks. Unlike banks, however, credit unions are owned by its members, who exert control in a democratic fashion.