When it comes to borrowing, consumers should know that there are multiple factors involved in lender calculations that lead to a final decision. In fact, each lender uses its own proprietary criteria, with a variety of factors carrying different weight, all entering into the final equation.


There are many options for financing a car. You can finance your purchase through a dealership or with your bank. Discover the different financing options for your next car.

Life insurance is essentially a contract between an insurance policy holder and an insurer which promises that the latter will pay a sum of money (a “benefit”) to the policy holder’s designated beneficiary in the event of the policy holder’s death. A life insurance policy is entered into by the policy holder paying premiums, either monthly or in a lump sum, to the insurer.

A joint account is a useful tool to manage a couple’s finances since it easily facilitates sharing expenses. It also has some disadvantages. Do you need a joint bank account?

A savings bond refers to a debt instrument issued by corporations, governments and government agencies. The bond issuer commits to paying interest for the duration of the bond on specific dates and to repaying the principal amount at maturity Government savings bonds refer specifically to bonds issued by the government, which are in turn sold to the general public.

Have you heard a lot of talk about micro loans, but don’t really understand what they are? Considering that microloans are a relatively new concept, with many different forms, it’s not surprising.