What does market research look like in the era of 2.0? 

What does market research look like in the era of 2.0? 
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When we talk about market research, we automatically think of voluminous documents made up of the results of interminable questionnaires. For many though, that’s ancient history.

Market research is actually undergoing a full transition as a result of changes in technology, as you can notice by listening Andrew Reid’s interview, the founder of Vision Critical.

If you’re looking to collect this type of valuable information, here are a few bold ways to do it.

The text message


Who still answers calls from unknown numbers? Who really takes the time to open an email from a company and respond to the survey inside? Very few people. But who opens text messages? Just about everyone.

Brands are using this method of communication to send clients, after they’ve visited a store, for example, a simple question to which they can answer quickly by text.

Social networks


The goldmine of information to be found on social networks can be very useful for market research. Don’t hesitate to spend some time on your competitors’ pages to understand their strategies and see who their target market is. There are many tools that can help automate your research and give you access to in-depth information in just a few seconds.

Once you’ve created your page, you’ll also have access to a ton of data on the profile of the people who visit. For example, how old are they? What are their interests? What types of problems do they encounter?

It’s also easy to recognize early adopters on social media, as well as engaged customers with whom you can start a dialogue.

Face to face


In spite of the abundance of technology and applications, some start-ups still opt for the old tried and true method: direct contact with the customer.

You can, for example, test new products and ask questions face to face at well-chosen locations or during events. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than getting out in the field to get clear, definitive, specific and above all, instant answers.

Which method is the most effective? There’s no doubt, it’s a mix of 2.0 and face to face.

Edited on 21 August 2017

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