How to Work From Home and Stay Productive

How to Work From Home and Stay Productive
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While working from home may sound like a dreamy scenario to everyday commuters, a recent survey reveals that it’s not all fun and games.


As outlined in a French-language report, although working from home has become synonymous with freedom, telecommuters face a whole set of unique challenges on a daily basis.


Disadvantages of working from home

According to results of a recent Regus survey, respondents cited five major disadvantages that tend to distract them in the course of an average work day from home, including:

  1. family members and children who need attention (49%)
  2. inadequate office equipment (46%)
  3. household chores (34%)
  4. television in the background, which serves as company on a quiet day (34%)
  5. the absence of a suitable working space (34%)


Tips for staying productive

If you work from home, the following tips can improve efficiency by helping you to remain focused on the job at hand:

  • Establish rules for interactions with family and friends in order to maintain a professional working environment
  • Establish a routine that includes a proper work schedule, free of distractions (i.e. TV, chores, etc.)
  • Keep in touch with your boss and colleagues
  • Design a home work space that will make your work day more enjoyable

Edited on 15 August 2017

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